4 Inventory System & Asset Tracking Features for Restoration Services

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Restoration Services need to have ideal management in order to provide the most efficient help for devastated families and businesses who have experienced loss and damage. An Inventory System and an Asset Tracking Solution will streamline every working procedure and increase efficient workflow. ASAP Systems, the leader in Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solutions based in the United States has developed unmatched expertise with our highly-configurable Inventory Systems to fit every industry.

Maintenance Feature

Restoration Services have a considerable amount of equipment, either for water damage, fire damage or even mold remediation. This employs equipment like moisture detectors, mobile generators,
and mobile dehumidifier units. All this equipment is essential for restoration and needs to be functioning perfectly.

Our Asset Tracking Solution provides a Maintenance feature. This feature can help Restoration Service management by setting alerted maintenance events on their equipment, like monthly oil changes for the mobile generator. In addition, the system will elicit alerts to remind management of other required procedures.

Maintenance may vary from a one-time event or recurring events. A one-time event could be a flat tire change or the replacement of a broken wire. On the other hand, recurring events could be monthly water pump deep cleaning or yearly S-O-S Fluid Analysis. Any maintenance will be regularly alerted.

Inventory Min/Max Feature

Restoration Services maintain a stock of cleaning products like deodorization agents, sanitizing agents, and chemicals to treat areas with mold or fungus. These products may include bleach, ammonia or antifungal treatment

Restoration Services deal with a wide range of inventory. It can be quite challenging to track all this inventory manually. Our Inventory System allows management to identify the availability, the quantity on hand, and if this quantity is adequate for upcoming jobs. Our Inventory System also provides the necessary information for restocking.

For example, there may be a 5 liter reorder quantity on bleach levels. This means that when the quantity falls below 5 liters an alert will be triggered. Also, when the levels fall above the set maximum level an alert will be sent off as well.

Check-out; Check-in Feature

Equipment could be lost or forgotten at the restoration site. How can this equipment be kept track of?  When was the equipment taken or by whom? Was it needed at this particular site?

Or Asset Tracking Solution provides Restoration Services the Check-out; Check-in Feature.

This feature allows automating the process of checking out items when leaving and, upon returning, to check-in those items.

This process increases accountability by identifying when, by whom, and where the particular item was checked out. Management will have exact data regarding the use of equipment.


Multiple Sites Feature

Restoration Services tend to have multiple locations or own storage warehouses. These provide temporary storage for furniture, home appliances, or equipment when restoring a location. Our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution supports multiple locations.

The multi-site feature enables users from different locations to share a master database, with the capacity to access their own independent content and data. This also allows management to have data visibility across different facilities.

Our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution provides features that every industry can configure to meet their particular needs.