ASAP Systems announces how its Asset Tracking Solution has assisted Hall Aluminum Products with their tool tracking.

(Texas, Austin)

ASAP Systems, the market leader in Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solutions announces how its asset tracking solution has improved Hall Aluminum Products operations by effectively automating the data entry and tracking of their tools.

Hall Aluminum Products (HAP)  is a full-service commercial glass and glazing contractor out of Fort Wayne, Denver and Nationwide. HAP provides design, fabrication, installation, and repair.

HAP needed the ability to track tools and products in order to lower costs related to lost or misplaced items. It was necessary for them to implement an Asset Tracking System due to the large quantities of assets that were difficult to record manually. Our Asset Tracking Solution easily met these challenges and solved the issue of tracking misplaced or lost tools that HAP was experiencing.

“Inputting the info was quick and easy,” said Sharon Smith – Office Manager at Hall Aluminum Products.

The Asset Tracking Solution provided Hall Aluminum Products the required speed to keep their workflow efficient. Also, our solution delivered easily accessible and accurate information preventing any unnecessary expenses related to tracking assets. ASAP Systems was able to save HAP time and money through better visibility, accuracy, and up to the minute control of their tools.

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