ASAP Systems enhances the “Stock to Asset” Feature for its Inventory System.

(Austin, Texas)

ASAP Systems, the market leader in Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solutions, reveals the enhancement of the Stock to Asset Feature for its Inventory System. ASAP Systems strives to give its customers the maximum flexibility when working with their asset Tracking Solution.

The Feature “Stock to Asset“ allows the user to convert inventory stock items into assets in one transaction, instead of going through several transactions for the same outcome. Usually, whenever an item is used or removed from the stock inventory, the user will have to go through the Issue or Dispose Transactions in order to remove the item from his inventory. Also, when adding an item to the asset inventory, the user goes through required and time-consuming transactions to enter the new data.

Now, however, Stock to Asset Feature facilitates this process of converting an existing stock item into an asset in one simple transaction. The converted item becomes an asset item. It can be tracked by the user as an asset, meaning the user can now track its location, maintenance, warranty date, and other attributes. These additional capabilities help address the inventory needs of IT service providers and stream their workflow. This Feature can be used in many industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, education, electronic manufacturing and many more.

Take, for instance, an IT company that has purchased 10,000 desks and added them to its existing stock. A new employee starts working in one of the company’s branches. He needs a new desk in his office.  Naturally, this item will be removed from the Inventory. In other words, it will be transferred from a stock item, into an asset because the desk is now being used as an asset in the office. This company can benefit from the “Stock to Asset” feature and will easily convert the desk into Assets in one transaction.

Take another example: A bank with 500 security cameras in their warehouse waiting to be issued. Once that bank opens a new branch, 50 of these cameras will be used in this branch.

Therefore, the Stock to Asset Feature is essential to conduct this transaction. Now, the 50 cameras cease to be Inventory items in the warehouse to become Assets in that new branch.

“Stock to Asset Feature is designed to give the maximum flexibility needed for our users when facing conversions from stock inventory items to asset items,” said Joseph Azzi, Head of  Engineers at ASAP Systems.

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