Configurability with Custom Data Fields and User Access Control within the Inventory System and Asset Tracking

Austin, Tx.  April 24, 2018

For over two decades, ASAP Systems continues to enhance its Inventory System and Asset Tracking solutions with the sole purpose of enhancing user productivity. By constantly staying on top of cutting-edge technology; incorporating the latest smart devices; enhancing new-user training; and relying on artificial intelligence, ASAP Systems promotes a customer-centric environment focusing on the best possible service for every customer.

ASAP Systems provides customers with easy-to-use and reliable products with the inclusion of user-defined data collection fields. From years of experience, ASAP Systems found allowing customer-defined data collection fields provides a smoother transition when using Inventory Management or Asset Tracking systems. Through the company’s vast research into customer’s use of the system, ASAP Systems determined customer’s ability to define data collection fields by company terminology improves the user experience through:

  1. Facilitating training;
  2. Clearer divide between fields for every user;
  3. Understanding of reports based on data collected; and
  4. Improving the learning curve for new users.

ASAP Systems also enhances user productivity through reconfigurability to meet each customer’s needs. While both the Inventory Management and Asset Tracking system come with base features covering the general features required, each system can be configured to meet the inventory management or asset tracking features customers require. Since both systems are modular, ASAP Systems allows the customer to request and pay for only necessary features. Some of the features ASAP Systems configures:

  1. Stock-To-Asset: Tracking inventory as assets after issue;
  2. Signature capture: Monitor for Proof-Of-Delivery;
  3. Asset Depreciation Tracking: Monitor the life-cycle and maintenance of assets;
  4. Advanced User Security: Segment user access levels based on rolls; and
  5. Advanced Stock Inventory: Track inventory using batch/lot and serialized numbers.

About ASAP Systems

At ASAP Systems, we understand that the biggest problem in inventory management and asset tracking is figuring out how to cater to everyone’s specific needs. We know that Everyone Does It Differently, and we’ve made it our goal to deliver on that difference! Our many years of experience working with a diverse and dynamic range of customers has allowed us to develop unmatched expertise in catered and configurable solutions. We provide the inventory management and asset tracking solutions of today, tomorrow, and the future!

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