The Best Inventory System for Chemical Storage in 2019!

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“It’s becoming difficult to keep track of current levels of inventory.” “ We also need to do a better job of tracking chemical waste disposal.” “ It is really hard to manage incompatible chemicals.”

As a chemical warehouse manager, have you ever found yourself saying these things? If you’re searching for a better way to manage tracking problems and increase efficiency, we have the solution for you. Your first step is implementing an Inventory System that can be highly configured to fit your chemical storage needs. We at ASAP Systems, the leader in Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solutions based in the United States, is always striving to present the best Inventory System that can be tailored to fit every industry.

Here are some of the Best Inventory System Practices to manage your Chemical Warehouse. Never experience Overstocking situations again!

Overstocking could lead to unused, excess materials or even compounding hazards. Therefore, chemicals should never be overstocked. An Inventory System that includes an Automated SMS & Email Alerts Feature helps to avoid these situations. This amazing feature can be used for many purposes.

Let’s take an example of how it could help with overstocking issues. Dave, a manager of a chemical warehouse,  is responsible for managing the quantities of Ethylene glycol known as antifreeze. This chemical is toxic and should not be overstocked.

Dave, using the Inventory System’s Alerts feature, sets a reorder quantity. Thus, when the quantity of the antifreeze exceeds the reorder level an alert is triggered to Dave. In this way, he can make sure the quantities never exceed the determined level.

Reducing Hazardous Waste

The most expensive cost in the chemical industry is waste disposal. Keeping track of this process is crucial. Sometimes the cost of the waste process is more expensive than the cost of the chemical itself.  Thus, it is very important to ensure every chemical is used completely and within its expiration date. The Inventory System once again comes to the rescue!

Dave could set up alerts that will be sent off one month prior to the expiration date. Once Dave has recorded this data, he can track those chemicals which need to be used before the designated date. In this way, he could reduce waste.

Knowing What You Have at All Times

Large Chemical Warehouses by their very nature tend to have a difficult management process. Managers with manual data entry may have the incorrect data recorded and ultimately these numbers will shift and no longer be accurate! This could also lead to redundant orders. Using Inventory Analytics, a feature in our Inventory System is a Chemical Warehouse saver!

The Inventory Analytics tool allows Dave to efficiently track the number of chemicals on hand and to analyze chemical usage. Dave can have accurate data at all times and has complete visibility across the warehouse.

For the best chemical warehouse management, consider adopting an Inventory System that fits every need your industry requires. You could translate “ I really don’t know precisely what chemicals we have at the moment” to “ I know exactly how much we have and where it is. Our warehouse operates very smoothly”.

If you are interested in a no-obligation trial of our Asset Tracking Solution,  please click here. We would be more than happy to get you started!