ASAP Systems Announces New Mobile Asset Tracking System Release


ASAP Systems announces the release of a new Asset Tracking system feature for reserving fixed assets and equipment in its mobile app. The new feature includes expanded equipment reservation tools, a calendar view, and user interface enhancements designed to increase asset control and productivity. In addition, the feature comes at a great value – an unlimited number of users can access this feature without the need to purchase additional user licenses.

“With this new release, users from the “View-Only” to “Admin” access levels have the tools and information they need at their fingertips,” said Greg Wachowiak, Senior Director of Product Development at ASAP Systems. “Basically any employee that needs to request a company asset or shared piece of equipment can do so straight from their mobile device.”

Successful applications of the new feature are highlighted by the following industry-specific examples:

Teachers often need to check out class sets of school and district resources for in-class exercises. The ability to see the number of available items and a calendar view of reserved items without having to make phone calls or send emails to other teachers saves valuable time.

Tool crib management can be a mess when dealing with a limited amount of tools being shared across several work sites. It makes sense to have workers coordinate the use of each tool ahead of time from their smartphone or tablet.

-General Office Environment-
Stockroom managers use the mobile app to perform daily inventory tasks while employees in other departments can access the reservation feature in order to perform self-checkouts and reserve company-owned assets.

About ASAP Systems

ASAP Systems provides leading barcode based inventory management and asset tracking solutions that are compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. ASAP Systems helps improve margins for businesses of all sizes by enabling them to: implement BYOD (bring your own device) policies, leverage the power and convenience of the cloud, print barcode labels from their browsers, eliminate manual data entry, and automate record-keeping. With ASAP Systems’ inventory and asset systems, businesses always know where and how assets and inventory are received, stored, and used.