Inventory System and Asset Tracking solution – Flagged Inventory & Collaborative Notes


ASAP Systems, the leader in Inventory System and Asset Tracking solution, announces the addition of its Flagged Inventory tool. The introduction of Flagged Inventory allows users the convenience of identifying important asset or stock line items.

ASAP Systems also upgraded its Note tool for the Inventory System and Asset Tracking solution. This upgrade includes collaborative notes on stock inventory and assets for association with contributors as well as timestamping.

“We constantly build and innovate our systems to exceed inventory standards based on customer feedback,” says Hala Kmeid, President. “At the end of the day, our end goal is to mold our products to best-fit customer needs. With the onscreen alert icons to visually alert users to flagged assets or notes about stock inventory we are helping improve internal processes and provide critical information which may have otherwise been missed.”

With the new Asset and Inventory Flagging tool, multiple users can select specific line items for flagging. The different color associated with flagged inventory increases visibility and allows users to communicate more efficiently. Furthermore, users do not have to waste time browsing through lists of irrelevant inventory, stocks, or assets. With a single click, users can start flagging inventory or disable previously flagged inventory.

Additionally, users can enjoy the update to the Note tool in the Inventory System and Asset Tracking solution. New Note tool features include:

  • A timestamp on all relevant notes
  • The option to edit previous note additions to correct mistakes
  • Input inventory notes directly from the datagrid
  • The ability for administrators to disable/limit note inputting feature
  • Availability to add notes on location, vendor, person, customer, purchase orders on stock and assets, a sales order for stock, and maintenance

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