Inventory System for a Packaging Company

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Lifebloom Corp is a California based, Nutraceutical Manufacturing and Packaging Company.  They pride themselves on providing quality service for all of their customer’s wellness needs.  The company provides comprehensive services from product development, manufacturing, and packaging.  Creating a new standard of excellence, Lifebloom’s simple goal is to provide quality products that are cost-efficient and with exceptional turnover time.


With nearly 1,500 stock items and separate facilities, the greatest challenge for Lifebloom was the ability to accurately track and access inventory across multiple locations. The company wanted a cost-effective and easy to use Inventory System that would track all components of their products, including Raw Materials (in powder or oil form), Softgel, Plastic Bottle, Cap, Desiccant, Label, Foil, and Cartons.  In addition, under FDA regulations, the need to accurately identify all items was crucial.


After a considerable online search, it was ASAP Systems’ user-friendly and cost-effective Inventory System that proved to be the perfect solution for Lifebloom. Cathy Ahn, Business Operations Manager, explains, “We chose a web-based system over a locally installed system is because there is no need for installation or maintenance which also means there are no fees for those. In addition, we felt it was easier for users.” 


ASAP Systems’ cloud-based Inventory System helped to create to streamline warehouse processes and creating greater efficiency and accuracy.  Cathy Ahn explains, “In addition to the sheer quantity, human error was often a problem when it came to processing a pick list. But with the ASAP Systems Inventory System, the picklist makes their work easier, more accurate, and cuts the issuing time in half.” As an added benefit, our Inventory System has helped save money with an increase in productivity.  In regards to their accounting department, Ahn adds, “Their time for AP has been cut in half (50%) with integrated data which they were not able to do before ASAP Systems Inventory System. Also, inventory valuation is so much easier to do every month.”


Increased productivity and accuracy with our Inventory System was the perfect solution for Lifebloom Corp. Saving time, money, and assisting with all their inventory tracking needs, our best in class System continues to benefit Lifebloom, allowing them to better serve their customers with all their wellness needs.