ASAP Systems Announces Release of Integrated Purchase Order Management In Its Asset Tracking System


ASAP Systems, leaders in Inventory Tracking and Asset Tracking systems, today announced the launch of Purchase Order Approval, a comprehensive tool for purchase order status monitoring which streamlines the internal approval process. The new feature makes the Asset tracking system an even more robust inventory system capable of bringing your entire inventory funnel together.

“We set out to accelerate and tidy up the purchase order approval process for asset management professionals,” says Greg Wachowiak, Senior VP of Engineering at ASAP Systems. “And based on initial customer feedback, we have hit our mark.”

All-In-One Purchasing and Asset Management Solution

provides users with the level of visibility they require to properly manage every purchase order without confusion. The intuitive user interface enables users to quickly see what orders are open, pending approval, approved and rejected from desktop and mobile devices.

Purchase order approvers can now choose to receive email alerts when a purchase order requires their approval, and requesters can receive an alert if it has been rejected.

In addition, system administrators can control user-access throughout the purchase order cycle to prevent unauthorized activity. This includes granting access to use the report wizard or merely “view-only” access for those with a minimal role in reporting.

About ASAP Systems

ASAP Systems provides leading online barcode-based inventory management and asset tracking solutions supported by Android and iOS mobile devices. ASAP Systems helps improve margins for businesses of all sizes by enabling them to leverage the power and convenience, create and print barcode labels from internet browsers, eliminate manual data entry, and automate record-keeping. With ASAP Systems’ inventory and asset systems, businesses always know where and how assets and inventory are received, stored, and used.