Inventory Systems in IT

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After researching many other alternatives, in my mind, there is no question that ASAP Systems provides the most “bang for the buck” in this competitive market today.

Anthony Citarella, VP of Business Operations, Five Interactive(LLC)

Information technology is a fast-paced, growing industry that requires great organization to run efficiently. A small to mid-sized IT company can have hundreds and even up to thousands of assets and inventory in their office; all of which are imperative to the services and products they provide. Having a form of inventory management is essential to staying organized so that employees, as well as management, are aware of their operations.

With the implementation of a new inventory system, there could be the difficulty of teaching employees how to correctly utilize the asset tracking solution as well as the cost of purchasing an inventory system; however, the benefits that a functional inventory management system can derive are priceless. ASAP System’s Inventory System and Asset Tracking solution can bring forth these benefits to your business:

  • Service & Maintenance Management

With important equipment always being used, it is important to know which piece of equipment needs maintenance and when. By utilizing an inventory system with the capability to record and alert employees when maintenance is due, it will save your business time and money. Your business will not lose money from a sudden breakdown of a valuable piece of equipment. On top of it all, your inventory system can track and record the costs for the review!

  • Custom Barcoding

In our Inventory System and Asset Tracking solution, users will be able to choose from premade templates or create their own custom barcodes. Asset tracking and inventory management become easier when employees can create custom barcodes to correlate with specific projects. Tracking crucial information is now done by just scanning with a handheld or mobile device.

  • Contract & License Management

It is important that an asset’s information such as receipts, vendor information, warranty, etc. is always kept on record. Our inventory system will allow you to configure the required information so that all contracts, licenses, and renewals are in your system and can be pulled up by simply doing a quick search in the system. Furthermore, alerts can be set up in our inventory system, so you know when it is time for an upgrade or when a contract is about to expire.

These are just some of the many benefits and features that our Inventory System and Asset Tracking solution offers. At ASAP Systems, we created our Inventory System and Asset Tracking solution to be a configurable and functional inventory system that can be implemented with little-to-no fuss. With our inventory system, you can track, record, and access important information at any time from any place with an internet connection.