Inventory System – Forecast Feature overview

“Hello and Thank you for your interest in our best in class, complete Barcode and Inventory System. It is trusted by thousands of Mid-sized and enterprise-level organizations worldwide.

Trust earned in large part due to the system’s continuous development and evolution to meet customers’ diverse demands.

Today we discuss our newest addition, the Inventory Forecast Feature. This Inventory Feature allows users to generate configurable reports for future demand based on historical Inventory receiving or consumption data.

This automated feature is highly configurable and allows users to generate and configure forecast reports to fit all organizational needs.

In this release version, users can forecast by choosing specific inventory items or all items, users can also forecast based on historical inventory receiving data or issuing data. Choosing the receive option offers the ability to pick specific vendors or a multitude of vendors and the same goes for issuing, users can choose one consumer of their inventory or a multitude.

Since this feature is designed to ensure our customers are never caught within an over or an understock situation, it gives users the option to account for an overage or shrinkage percentage.

Lastly, this current release uses the Average Method to forecast, soon we will periodically release additional methods based on our customer’s need and priority.


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