Keep Track of the Most Basic Inventory Type

Standard Inventory, Tracked Simply

In our Inventory System, Standard Inventory is defined as inventory with an item number and a quantity of them. So, this can be anything from pens and pencils in your storage room, to basic building materials in the warehouse. Standard Inventory is built to handle the most simple types of inventory.

Tracking Standard Inventory

Standard Inventory tracking in our system is all about speed and simplicity while still having accuracy. Ditch the pen and paper and get to tracking standard inventory items with our software and barcode hardware. When adding Standard Inventory items in our system, simply select “Standard” for the Stock Item Type. Once added, users can print barcodes to each standard item for efficient inventory control.
Inventory System Standard Image1

Examples of Standard Items to Track

Inventory System Standard Image2
Office Inventory
Pens, pencils, staples, paper
Inventory System Standard Image3
Building Materials
Bolts, screws, nails
Inventory System Standard Image4
Uniform Items
Boxes of t-shirts and shorts
inventory system image3
inventory system mobile image3

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