Food Producer Achieve Food Quality Safety (SQF) Certification


ASAP Systems, a leading provider of Inventory System today announced that Corfu Foods, a leading gyro meat and bread manufacturer, has become SQF certified after adopting ASAP Systems as its food production inventory tracking system.

“ was able to help us with the SQF process flawlessly,” says Jonathan Follett, SQF Practitioner at Corfu Foods. “My employees find this system so easy to use, and the combination of functionalities is great.”

Corfu Foods uses our Inventory System to track batch and lot based inventory distributed across three countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan. ASAP Systems Inventory System was chosen in part due to its innate ability to track inventory according to the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Program, a highly-credible and rigorous system for all sectors of the food industry.

The barcode-based inventory software enables “one up, one back” tracking and reporting to be easily automated, making sure finished products are traceable to the customer and supplier. Meeting this criterion was mission-critical, and in doing so, Corfu Foods accurately manages expirable inventory and avoids any food recalls or withdrawals.

About Corfu Foods
Corfu Food is a leading manufacturer and provider of the highest quality gyros meat products. Known for its familiar freshness and taste, Corfu foods has grown a loyal customer base in the US, UK, and Asia. Corfu Foods is headquartered in Bensenville, Illinois, and has an office in Long Island City, New York.

About ASAP Systems
ASAP Systems provides leading barcode-based inventory management and asset tracking solutions, offering both cloud-based and on-premises systems. ASAP Systems helps businesses of almost every industry vertical reduce manual data entry, labor hours, and automate record-keeping throughout their inventory workflow. ASAP Systems has offices in, California (headquarters) and Austin.