ASAP System, Inventory System Announces its enhanced Sales Order feature

(San Jose, California)

ASAP Systems, the leader in Inventory System based in San Jose, California, announces the enhancement of its system’s Sales Order feature. Each item is listed in the sales order with its price and unique information record. When the customer arrives at your company or warehouse location and is ready to pick up all the items, you just need to make one issue transaction for the sales order.

Consequently, the system will automatically deduct all the items and quantities that are directly entered into your inventory. Therefore, instead of issuing or picking up transactions for the stock items one by one the sales order that you previously saved can be automatically used.

With ASAP Systems’ enhanced sales order feature, customers now have a time-saving strategy to register sales orders. For example, when a customer orders 20 items of inventory stock, just one issue transaction needs to be recorded for the sales order. Instead of registering an issue transaction for each of the inventory stock items that are being sold, just one issue transaction is needed.

The big benefit of the sales order is that it allows the owner to track all sales orders of their customers and makes the process of inventory replenishment easier. All items that the customer has purchased, can be listed inside the sales order. In the sales order, the system does the calculations automatically and allows inventory reorder, even taking into consideration any taxes, discounts, the total amount to be paid, etc. The system also allows for saving dates of the sales order. This will particularly help keep track of products that come with a warranty. The system will help you keep track of the warranty deadline itself.

Another benefit of the sales order feature at ASAP Systems is that users can print the receipt directly from the sales order section, with no need to go print from the reporting section. This facilitates transactions and saves time for the users. When the sales order is created the user needs to print the receipt for the customer. However, he/she does not need to print a receipt for the company since the transaction will automatically be recorded in the reporting and history sections of the system.

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