Inventory Internal Shopping Cart Feature

An innovative Feature for total inventory visibility and management.

The Internal Shopping Cart

Our Inventory System’s Online Shopping Cart Module, enables you to create your own customizable Internal Shopping Cart. This module, empowers organizational employees to log into the Shopping Cart and browse available inventory items in their own warehouses/stockrooms.

Our Inventory System Highly Customizable Shopping Cart Module.

Every Business/Industry has different needs and requests concerning their own online internal Shopping Carts. Our Inventory System‘s Shopping Cart Module can fit those needs and we build the Shopping Cart required to meet your needs. Our module is Web-Based, offering flexibility to access the Shopping Cart anywhere, any time.

inventory internal shopping cart image1

Our Inventory System’s Shopping Cart Add-On Process.

Although the needs of Shopping Cart users may differ from one customer to another, the process remains the same. Our Inventory System’s Shopping Cart Add-On works in a way that allows employees to browse through available inventory items, choose the items needed, add it to the cart, and after the administrator’s approval of the order, it will be packed and shipped to the designated employee.

Advantages of Our Inventory System’s Shopping Cart Module.

inventory internal shopping cart icon1 Convenient internal Inventory and Asset items shopping.
inventory internal shopping cart icon2 Inventory Management.
inventory internal shopping cart icon3 Accessible anywhere, anytime.
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