ASAP Systems, the Market Leader in Inventory and Asset Tracking, Enhances its Forecast Feature

ASAP Systems, the market leader in Inventory System, announces enhancements to its Inventory Forecast Feature. The Inventory Forecast Feature is essential to increasing the effectiveness of the inventory replenishment process.  With the Barcode-based Inventory System’s Forecast Feature, users can create forecast reports for both Received and Issued Inventory. The configurable reports offer intuitive insights that increase efficiency and workflow within any warehouse or stockroom.

The Inventory Forecast Feature allows users to gain powerful insights on how much, when, and which inventory items should be replenished.   The enhancements to the Inventory Forecast Feature are a result of ASAP Systems continuing efforts to satisfy customer demands for increased inventory credibility and accountability. Added security levels now offer the ability to determine the level of access an individual user will have when logging into the Inventory Forecast Feature.   In addition, system administrators now have the ability to define who has the ability to create, view, edit, and delete a Forecast Report. 

About ASAP Systems

We solve the biggest problems in Inventory Management and Asset Tracking. Through many years of experience, working on a vast range of unique customer requirements, we have developed unmatched expertise in creating solutions to fit almost any budget, technical or user requirement. Our highly-configurable and scalable barcode-based tracking systems are designed to provide maximum ROI today, tomorrow and into the future. Offices in San Jose, California (headquarters) and Austin, Texas.