Inventory System and Asset Tracking – Multi-Site – AD Integration

A video highlighting a new feature of our Inventory System and Asset Tracking‘s Multi-Site Active Directory Integration for syncing users from an Active Directory domain into our inventory system or asset tracking solution.

Security groups active directories

The newly enhanced Active Directory integration now allows users from groups in Active Directory to be mapped to specific security groups in the system.

Inventory Control Permissions

This allows administrators more flexibility as to what permissions users from AD will have in the system once they are synced.

Inventory Multi-Site Management

The benefit to our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution admins is that there is now just one configuration setup initially. Previously, multiple repeated tasks would need to be performed for each site in play. And then repeated again on a regular basis as AD users changed.

Inventory Control Solutions

As companies grow, their solutions for inventory control and asset tracking need the flexibility in the first place to allow separate inventories, which our Tracking Solution does. Then the AD Integration component needs to match this advanced idea of users being assigned to specific sites.

Inventory management centralized database

The strength of a multi-site system is that it allows for a single centralized database, versus having multiple systems one for each site. Furthermore, our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution combines both the inventory management component and the asset tracking component into one user interface. And with the native ability to print barcodes and the corresponding mobile app to scan them a complete tracking solution is easily implemented.