Asset Tracking System, Helps Sennheiser.

We had an internal process for demo gear, we refined that process with the introduction of ASAP Systems’ Inventory System and Asset Tracking System

Hello, my name is Bud Conlin from Sennheiser US, Director of IT. Sennheiser’s a 60-year-old German family-owned company. We manufacture and distribute very high-end audio equipment, primarily headphones and microphones. For example, in on Broadway, our microphones are used in about ninety percent of the theaters. Our microphones are also used in recording studios and on reality TV and shows such as American Idol.

In searching for a product such as this was not easy, I used Google search. I search for asset tracking system, and inventory management system and online or hosted. I came up with a plethora of solutions, but one really stood out and that was ASAP Systems Inventory and Asset Tracking system online.

We have a significant investment in demo gear carried by our sales teams. There’s about forty sales people in the US, each sales person has between forty and fifty items. In all total, that’s about two thousands of assets that are checked out, in the field and not able to be sold. That’s a significant dollar investment for us. We want to make sure that those assets that are employed to generate sales are really returning on that investment.

We had already deployed iPads to our sales team a year so all we had to purchase from ASAP Systems was ASAP Systems online Asset Tracking System. We weren’t using scanners at the moment that may come later, all we had to do was buy the licenses and our sales guys can just download the app from the iTunes store.

When we bring on a new sales person, we give them a standard set of demo gear, it’s a kit, forty to fifty items. As the kit goes out the door, we are scanning those items into the Asset Tracking System  and the system Asset generates the asset number itself automatically.

In the end, there are two things that really make ASAP Systems’ Asset Tracking Solution the right solution, one is that it’s easy to use. Our sales people can learn this application in five minutes. The second is the reporting, in the back office here, we can see the return on the assets that we had out there to be put in customers hands to evaluate. We know exactly what our return is on those investments.