Inventory System and Asset Tracking – Device Management

Within our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution, effectively manage which mobile devices are able to connect to your inventory system through mobile device management. Administrators are able to identify devices by a provided name and determine how many devices have licenses as well as how many devices are currently active within their inventory account.

“Welcome to our Inventory and Asset Tracking System, until now administrators have been unable to manage which mobile devices are able to connect to their inventory and asset tracking account. However, the latest release of our system now provides administrators with this new feature, mobile device management.

This allows administrators to determine which devices are able to connect to their inventory system account. Each mobile device will be identified by a device ID and can also be tracked by a device name. To name a device, begin by logging into our inventory mobile app then navigate to the settings tab. Once on the settings tab, find the about section and expand that and finally add a name to the mobile device. Once the device name has been entered, simply tab go and that will save the device name.

In order to see this new device information and manage all other devices, admins can log into our inventory web application and select the admin menu. From there they can choose system configuration and on the left side choose mobile device management. Now on the right, you can see all the devices listed for this account.

In addition, the top administrators will see how many mobile barcode devices they have licensed as well as how many current barcode scanning devices are active in the account. To disable a specific device, simply uncheck the box associated with that device and confirm that you want to deactivate the device. This also allows administrators to transfer mobile barcode scanning licenses between devices in case the device becomes damaged, lost or stolen. Simply check the device you wish to activate at that point and confirm that you are going to activate that device. Now when a user tries to activate the account using a disabled mobile device or if all the concurrent mobile licenses are being used, the user will receive this error.

Thank you for watching this video and please stay tuned for more updates from our best in class inventory and asset tracking system.”