Inventory System and Asset Tracking – Adding Security Groups

Hello and thank you for joining me for this training video. Today we will be covering How to Add a New Security Group within our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solutions.

This function is limited to customers with a “Standard or Higher” package and Administrators.

We will start this process off by clicking on the Admin Drop-down. From here we will choose the Security Level. The standard security levels are listed here and can be double-clicked to show what is permitted per level.

To create a new Security Level, start by pressing the ‘Add New’ button. The window that pops up will have 3 fields at the top, up to 3 tabs in the middle and a list of objects and permissions levels on each of those tabs. Any customers running only Stock or only Assets will have 2 tabs in the middle.

The first step is to give the Security Level, a ‘Name’ or ‘Number,’ and a Description. Under the description, there is a field called ‘Use As Base’. This field lets the administrator set the permissions based on one of the default security levels and make modifications from there. This is perfect for users who just need one or two things turned on, off, or modified.

Of the three tabs across the blue bar ‘Barcloud Asset’ and ‘Barcloud Stock’ contain the Objects specific to each side of the system functions while the ‘General’ tab has options which affect both. A blue box under the permission level indicates the Security Level does have that option. To remove a function or capability simply click the blue box to remove it.

Please note, un-clicking the ‘View’ box will remove the User Interface components like buttons, links, and data fields. This function can also be used to clean up or slim down a user interface as needed. Once all of the selections have been made, press the ‘Save & Close’ button. The last step is to apply the newly created security level to a user. We will again click on ‘Admin’ and choose User Settings and Users. Locate the user in the list or use the Search function to find them in a long list of users. Double click the line to open the file. In the tabs on the blue bar, click on User Info. Select the newly created Security Level and press the ‘Save & Close’ button. Repeat for any additional users. Thank you again for joining me for this video. Be sure to check out the rest of our Training Videos for any other questions.