ASAP Systems’ Inventory System uncovers new enrichment to its Assembly Feature.

(Texas, Austin)

ASAP Systems, the market leader in Inventory System unveils new enrichments to the Assembly Feature for its Inventory System. The enhancements were made to the Feature to comply with the soon to be released Disassembly Feature. The feature enables users to easily group together multiple raw materials or components into one unit.

Users can consume and combine different inventory items from existing stock. Through an assembly/manufacturing process a finished product is produced. Performing the Assembly Transaction allows all the individual stock items used to form the finished good to “issue out” from the inventory and the finished good to become one inventory item.

“We acknowledged the organizations need to eliminate physical tracking of their raw materials assemblies. Therefore the Inventory Assembly Feature was designed to automate the process of tracking and enhance manufacturing traceability,” said Gergess Tannous, Senior Engineer.

The Assembly Feature, also known as the  Kitting Feature, works with advanced stock inventory such as perishable medicine or food with expiration dates and hardware components with batch or lot numbers.

For improved work in process and light manufacturing traceability, it is critical to implement a user-friendly and intuitive Inventory Management System, especially when managing inventory Assemblies.

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