Inventory System Enhanced Shopping Cart

ASAP Systems, the pioneer in Online Inventory System, situated in Austin, Texas, reveals the enhanced Inventory Shopping Cart Feature for its Inventory System.

User guide for 𝗺𝘆𝗶𝗻𝘃𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗼𝗿𝘆.𝘀𝗵𝗼𝗽

This video will take you through the standard ordering process. the straightforward plan page has two fundamental catches, “customers login” and “administrator login”. The simple design page has two main buttons, “shoppers login” and “admin login”.

And in addition a little help segment beneath. We are going to start off with the shopper’s login. And this will take us to the page where you can enter your username and password. Your shop may appear to be unique from the one appeared in the video in light of the fact that your administrator has several configuration options.

You may have large categories pictures as seen on the video or a list view, on either case clicking on the picture or on the title will take you into choosing the items. Let us take a moment to explain more about the interface. On the left-hand side of the screen, you’ll see we have a variety of icons.

From the top we have a “logo” it’s just the logo set up by the administrator. Under that, we have the expansion bar button which will widen to add the text description for the icons. Next, are the three shop buttons. The first one will take you back to the main page, the second will take you into your cart, so you can review items, save or submit the order.

The final icon, in the shop group, will take you into a page so you can review your previous orders. The next two icons will allow you to see pending orders which are either pending approval if your system is running an approval or pending a release. Although, a note, not all systems will use approval.

That’s an option set up by the admin. And, at the bottom of the panel, we also have the “i” icon for the wiki and the log out button. Here, at the top of the page, we have three options to allow you to go in and either filter the categories as well as flag your more important or commonly selected categories, and the options here will allow you to go in and sort. Of course, we also have your global search box. Let’s go ahead and place an order we are going to start off getting some chips. Within the category, you can see the different items, their description, the image and possibly more depending on how your administrator has configured your shop. Now here we can go and type the number that we need. We can also go in and use the arrows to increase the numbers as well. Just add a few items here to my cart and I’m gonna go ahead and head back to the category so that I can pick some different items here.

Now that I have selected all my items lists go ahead and move to the cart to place my orders and for that, we will just use the cart icon. Here in the shopping cart screen, you’ll be able to select your specific customer or department this order request needs to apply to. You can also select your specific address of their multiple affiliated. Sales orders numbers, as well as the order date, will be automatically filled in for you. Hereunder the general tab you can see each of the items that you selected as well as the quantities and potentially your costs as well.

Additional fields, like images, the unit of measure, price, cost, and tax may be available depending on how your admin has configured the shop. Once we verify all the items in the order we’re ready to either save or in our case submit. In the pending section the approval process, those that have been approved or for shops without approval processes, the order will go directly into the release icon. This will have your release status in here as well. Where approved has been received and once released the order has been completed and the items issued out. Reorders are available by using the previous orders clipboard from here we can go directly into the order details and place a reorder. Happy shopping!