Inventory Picklist Feature

“Welcome to ASAP Systems, a business-based barcoding application which provides solutions for tracking stock inventory and assets.

And now, ASAP Systems would like to introduce the Inventory Picklist feature for its Inventory System. Users can now create, track, and print picklists to improve order fulfillment accuracy and stockroom productivity.

The new Inventory Picklist screen enables users to easily add a new picklist, which could include data such as sales order info, item location, quantity, unit of measure, and other user-defined fields.

The picklist process using our Inventory System is simple— print the picklist, scan a barcode for each item, scan the location barcode, and enter the quantity being pulled at any time, from anywhere.

Lastly, our Inventory System also enables users to configure reporting fields and formatting to ensure that warehousing and accounting teams can track the sales order and picklist information they need.