Inventory System – University of Hawaii-Maui

So my name is John Pye. I’m a faculty member here at the University of Hawaii- Maui College. I’m a professor of astronomy, oceanography, and physics. I’ve been involved for the last twelve years in the design and construction of our new science building.

Integrate Stock Inventory Data

It’s a 26,000 square-foot facility, which has nine dedicated teaching labs, ranging from chemistry, to astronomy, to the marine sciences, microbiology, to a number of other disciplines. The way I heard about ASAP Systems’ Inventory System was I was searching for some kind of an inventory system that would help us when we moved into our new building. And we were actually in a place that we’ve never been before as far as our science programs go. We’ve got nine dedicated teaching labs in this building, compared to our old facility where we only had three, and no real central storage capabilities. And one of the first things we had to overcome, as far as a challenge, was how we were going to organize our central preparation and storage area. That’s something that you really rely on very well, umm, in your mind. We’re all very busy and we can’t always remember where something came from.

The Best Inventory System

In looking at a number of different inventory systems, we were really looking for a few things in particular. And one was the fact that it could grow with us and would be scalable over time. We didn’t really want to be limited by something that was too simple because our needs are becoming more sophisticated and our requirements are becoming more sophisticated. And we needed something that would actually be able to handle the changes that we go through as we evolve as a department and in the various disciplines. ASAP Systems, from everything that we saw when comparing to other systems, not only met that challenge but in our minds exceeded it. And we feel very comfortable that we’ll grow into the system, versus the system growing into us.