Asset Tracking System, Helps IGN Pro League

“Hi I’m Tracy Peterson, Video Production Manager for the IGN Pro League, also known as the IPL. We run some of the largest, most technically complex, video game competitions in the world. When you run an event of that size of complexity, one thing that is absolute critical importance, is making sure your gear gets to and from the show safely.

One of the coolest things about ASAP Systems’ Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution is that it’s online so all of our data is all available where ever you are. So our crew is able to use iPhones and iPads and laptops on the floor of the event to scan the inventory in place making sure that before we left, all of our gear was coming with us.

There is a Inventory System and Asset Tracking mobile app for iPhone and android that you can actually use to scan the barcodes on the equipment, then which will immediately update its status based on what you selected in the app.

One of the particular challenges that we face is that we have multiple warehouse in different locations some of our equipment we put into cold storage basically and put onto pallets before we send it to that warehouse. When we do that, we actually put those into groups that we can easily tell which is in that group when we send it to that warehouse. If the group has not been opened before it arrives at that warehouse, the person at the warehouse simply double checks that the group is intact and it’s updated in the Inventory System and Asset Tracking system that it has arrived at the warehouse and is safely stored. Then back at our home office, someone can basically just check in on their iPad or their iPhone or their laptop or on their desktop computer and see that it has been updated to the status of being arrived at the warehouse.

So in the end, the best part about ASAP Systems for us was that it reduced the time that we would spend, which was more of a tedious task, and it would make sure that all of our gear, which can be very expensive, gets back home safely, which saves us time and money.”