ASAP Systems Helps Richland School District 2 Expand Their Asset Tracking

Company: Richland School District 2

Industry: Education



  • Outdated Tracking System
  • Error-Prone Tracking Methods
  • Lack of audit trail
  • Lack of Visibility


Key Benefits: 

  • Modular System
  • Asset History
  • Excellent support and quick response
  • Advanced Reporting


Company Overview: Richland School District 2

Richland School District 2 is a school district in South Carolina dedicated “to creating, sustaining, and investing in a culture and environment of excellence and where all are afforded the opportunity to maximize their gifts and talents.” They do this across their dozens of schools by creating specialized programs to meet the educational needs of all of their students.

With hundreds of expensive assets at their disposal and without a way to track them, they could end up with thousands of dollars of expenses, so they needed a system for school asset tracking to stop the tremendous amount of time they were spending tracking assets manually.

The Challenge of Tracking Assets Before Using Our System

Initially, the school didn’t have an Education Asset Tracking System and instead use a spreadsheet to track everything. This introduced a variety of problems that they needed to solve. First, working exclusively on spreadsheets was prone to human error. This meant they would not see where their assets were and potentially even create ghost assets or assets that exist in their spreadsheets but were not accounted for in real life.

Additionally, using spreadsheets to track their items was incredibly time-consuming. It took a lot of time to enter the hundreds of assets manually. Also, sometimes, employees wouldn’t even bother to update the information, making the data even more inaccurate.

Why Richland School District Chose Our Web-Based Solution

Realizing how inefficient their school asset tracking was, Richland decided that they would be better off with a system dedicated to asset management for schools. So they set out on the search and looked through many different options before landing on our system. What ended up tipping the scales in our favor was our advanced tracking features, friendly staff, and easy-to-use system with a quick and simple learning curve.

They ended up choosing our web-based solution, which enabled them to modernize their tracking techniques and put them on par with other high tech school districts.

How Richland Used Our Cloud-Based Solution

The School uses our Education Asset Tracking System to track their laptops, tablets, and other technology and track their furniture. They often take advantage of our advanced reporting feature to create reports in the format that makes the most sense to them, so even employees who don’t use our system are on the same page. They also took advantage of our Asset Cycle Counts, essentially a feature that facilitates Physical Inventory checks and updates their data based on the counts.

Additionally, after a couple of months, they ended up expanding their subscription because they liked the following:

  • Easy learning curve
  • Excellent support provided by our team
  • Advanced features
  • Capability to set up different user levels
  • Ability to configure the dashboards to fit their preferences


Try Our System Today!

After purchasing a school asset tracking solution with ASAP Systems, Richland transformed its tracking processes into a more modern and efficient track. As a result, they saved time, money, and headache. Our system also helped by expanding with them, increasing the number of features, users, and more.

However, your school doesn’t need to be going through an expansion to need an efficient way to track its assets. Whether it be furniture, laptops, tablets, projectors, or something else entirely, our system will help you make sure that you never lose track of them, saving you time and money. Get a Demo Today.