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Universities Inventory System

Your college or university has hundreds of different types of inventory that need to be accurately monitored and managed, including office supplies and consumables used by specialized labs and departments. Our robust, all-in-one Inventory System gives you the ability to track and report on the use of large quantities of stock inventory with impeccable inventory management capabilities, throughout multiple campuses with Barcode Software tracking technology.

University of Hawaii Maui College Video Testimonial

Our powerful Inventory System helped the University of Hawaii Maui College. The University can now track and manage shared equipment moving from multiple locations— classrooms, to students and faculty.

University and Colleges Inventory Tracking Features

Email & SMS Alerts on when to reorder

Min/Max University Inventory monitoring

University Inventory import module

Standard College Inventory management

Barcode technology

Multi-site inventory tracking


Which university inventory management software is best?

When managing inventory at universities and colleges, you need a system that can handle it across different campuses. This solution enhances efficiency by automating routine tasks, making your workday more productive, and includes basic inventory tracking as well as add-on modules for users to manage their assigned items.

Our university inventory management software meets all those requirements and more. We take care of the tedious work so you can focus on what really matters: your students' success. Plus, our system can adapt to whatever challenges your organization throws at it, whether you're dealing with multiple campuses or entire school districts!

How Do I Manage University Inventory?

When starting on your university’s inventory tracking journey, using manual tools might initially suffice. However, as the number of educational resources increases, the best way to manage your items is using an education inventory system.

Our education inventory software has been a partner for many universities and colleges! Check out our customer success stories.

How Do I Improve My College’s Inventory Tracking?

Begin by figuring out what features your university or college requires in the perfect Inventory Software. Then, you've got some digging to do to find the system that's just right for your facilities.

We’ve already done that for you. Learn how to choose the right system with our video ->

What Are the Benefits of University Inventory Tracking Software?

With a solid system in place to handle your university or college's inventory, you'll see smoother workflows, improved efficiency, and less time wasted on repetitive tasks. Plus, your organization will save money by avoiding lost inventory, improve accountability and simplify inventory documentation for any changes made to your items.

That’s exactly what our software can do for you.

What Are Examples of Inventory in Universities and Colleges?

Inventory in universities and colleges includes items needed for academics, facilities, and administration. Examples range from academic supplies like audio-video equipment and lab equipment to technology, furniture, maintenance supplies, office supplies, library materials, sports equipment, food service items, medical supplies, and laboratory supplies. Efficient management ensures campuses have what they need for teaching, research, and daily operations.

Want to learn what else we can help you manage? Speak to a representative today!

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