Asset Tracking for K-12 Schools

Streamline the workflow and asset management in K-12 Schools.

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K-12 Schools Asset Tracking System

Asset Tracking has been made easy for K-12 schools using our top-rated, Asset Tracking System with barcode scanners. Automatically track valuable assets such as iPad’s, laptops, AV equipment, and other resources when they are temporarily loaned to classrooms and students. the K-12 Schools Asset management System reduces property loss and increases accountability among faculty and staff.

Education-Focused Asset Tracking System

Watch how ASAP System’s Asset Tracking System fulfills all asset tracking needs in the education-focused industry. Save time, money, and increase accountability with quick access to the whereabouts of assets throughout school districts.

K-12 School Asset Tracking Features

K-12 School asset/Equipment check out/in

Due dates on checked out k-12 School assets

Schedule asset maintenance on Educational Assets

Import module to import k-12 School Asset data

Barcode technology

Report on asset history

Efficiently track k-12 School Assets with the help of a highly configurable Asset Tracking System!

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