Active Directory Integration for Schools
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Education Active Directory Integration

Schools and Universities highly benefit from Active Directory integration of the Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution, especially when tracking valuable inventory and assets such as school uniforms, equipment, or iPads.  With the Active Directory integration, you can easily assign users security levels, sync data between platforms and determine their site/location while also enabling Single Sign On capabilities in our On-Premise Solution. 

Watch & Learn about the Active Directory Integration for Schools

Watch to learn how to use this Active Directory integration in our award-winning On-Premise Inventory and Asset Tracking Solution. 

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Active Directory Capabilities

Education Asset Inventory Tracking
Easy Synchronizations
Easily sync as many Active Directory user accounts or groups as you want. Once they are in our software, you can choose to enter them as a “User”, an account that can make changes to the system, or a “Person”, someone who can be assigned Assets but cannot use or make changes to the system. This allows people like students and teachers to be assigned things like computers or iPads without giving them capability to modify data in the software.
Education asset Tracking Inventory
Security Level Designation
Lock or unlock features for users by designating them security level. We have default security levels that can range from Administrator Access, which offers full configuration capability in this best-in-class Inventory and Asset Tracking Software for schools and universities, but if you need something more specific, users can create specific Security Levels to fit the Organization’s needs.
Education Tracking Inventory Asset
Single Sign On
Exclusive to our On-Premise Solution for K-12 and college, users have the option to enable Single Sign On, allowing people to log into the Inventory Management System or Asset Tracking Solution using their Active Directory credentials. Of course, not just anyone can log use this feature as their credentials must first be whitelisted. This way you won’t have to worry about students and unauthorized teachers making changes to this industry leading software.
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