Inventory Management for Government Agencies

Gain secure and accurate Inventory Management across all Governmental entities.

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Complete Government Inventory Management

Inventory Management becomes more challenging when governmental entities rely on manual inventory tracking. ASAP Systems’ Inventory Management System offers Governmental Organizations a tracking solution that leaves no room for human error. Using our built-in barcoding wizard, users can be certain of accurate inventory tracking across multiple locations. 

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Inventory Management Features

Benefits of Using an Inventory Management System

Many government agencies struggle with limited budgets and resources. Government agencies cannot afford to misplace or lose inventory items. Our Inventory System reduces the risk of loss and the purchase of unnecessary items.

Governmental entities are subjected to strict regulations and are under scrutiny to provide transparency, show accountability, and total supply chain visibility. With our automated Inventory tracking solution, government agencies can increase both accuracy and transparency with real-time tracking.

Having to deal with high-security governmental inventory, an Inventory System that can ensure secure and accurate inventory tracking is a necessity. System Administrators can grant access to only selected users to handle the most meticulous procedures.

Government Advanced Inventory

ASAP Systems offers the ability for all government departments, to control all stock items and lifecycles using a powerful and secure barcode tracking system. Each stock item can be defined as needed, such as standard, serialized, batch-lot, and serialized with quantity inventories.

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Government departments and agencies can track and manage standard inventory items that are constantly received and issued out by a stock number including office supplies, printing cartridges, printing paper, and uniforms.

Standard Inventory

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Government stock items that are uniquely tagged with serial numbers and need to be quantified, such as appliances, electronic equipment, cellphones, laptops, computers, vehicle parts for repairs, and chemical drums.

Serialized Inventory

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Government entities use our Inventory System to track batch-lot number or code to track municipal stock items with expiration dates such as food, batteries, and medical supplies.

Batch–lot Inventory

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Serialized with quantity inventory allows governmental departments to track the stock of a uniquely identified item, such as a medication bottle with pills, rolls of paper, and textile materials used up over time.

Serialized with Quantity

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Government branches, using the Inventory System can easily track anything that would be issued out but not received such as tracking and issuing currency or services.

Non-Inventory Items

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