Inventory System for State Governments

A streamlined Inventory System across all State Government Departments.

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State Governments Inventory System

Our Inventory System is easy and highly configurable, making it a perfect fit for state government agencies and departments looking to automate their inventory operations using barcode technology. Improve the process of tracking all stock items used in state-funded hospitals and a variety of state government departments in order to optimize inventory control, reduce shrinkage, and better monitor when items need to be reordered and restocked.

State Inventory Management Features

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Our barcode-based system is suitable for all agencies within the State Government, including:

  • State Hospitals/ Health Departments
  • Superior Courts
  • Country Courts
  • District Courts
  • Business & Commerce
  • Public Services
  • State Board of Education
  • State Environment-Resource Agencies
  • Public Safety & Corrections
  • and more

State Government Advanced Inventory

Our best in class Inventory System adds value to all departments within the state government by scaling the system to fit current and future needs, and by providing an efficient solution for inventory task and lifecycle management. Accurately track government-funded stock items such as office supplies, vehicle parts, and medication. Advanced state government stock types include serialized, batch-lot, serialized with quantity, and non-inventory.

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All state government departments and agencies track and manage standard inventory items that are constantly received and issued out by a stock number including office supplies, printing cartridges, printing paper, and uniforms. In addition, the same stock number can be used at different locations.

Standard Inventory

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State government supplies that are uniquely tagged with an ID or serial number and need to be quantified. Such items included appliances, cellphones, laptops, computers, chemical drums, and vehicle parts for repairs.

Serialized Inventory

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State Government departments use our robust inventory System to track batch-lot numbers or code to track departments' stock items with expiration dates such as food, batteries, and medical supplies.

Batch–lot Inventory

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Our Inventory System's Serialized with quantity inventory allows State Government departments to track the stock of uniquely identified items, such as medication, rolls of paper, and textile materials used up over time.

Serialized with Quantity

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The State Government, using our Inventory System, can easily track anything that would be issued out but not received, such as tracking and issuing currency.

Non-Inventory Items

Automate Inventory operation across State Governments through our Powerful Inventory System.

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