he kitting module and the ability to customize each field in the system to fit our terminology is a huge bonus and makes the software, even more, user-friendly.

Steve Hutchinson – at All Over Media

ASAP Passport has simplified our operations and enabled us to actually reduce our current inventory by 25 percent. Being able to have multiple vendors to select the pricing from is invaluable.

Ray Stamp – at Lodder Brothers Ltd

Passport saved us so much time. We no longer needed to look through pages of handwritten item lists because we could rely on the accuracy of the barcode scanner and Passport database.

Laura Griggs – at California State Park

This system was able to help us with the SQF process flawlessly. When a raw material is received, we assign it a lot number. Then we print that lot number onto a custom barcode and scan it into Passport.

Jonathan Corfu – at Corfu Food Inc.

Passport is easy-to-use and saved us countless labor hours and money on misplaced or lost inventory!

Davey Heskin – at Maxwell Aircraft Service

Passport has allowed us to reduce inventory levels by up to 65 percent. We no longer need multiple containers of the same item. It is all stored in one system. This saves us so much space.

Arek Golonka – at Imbibe, inc.

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