Asset Tracking for Police Departments

Streamline Police Departments’ asset tracking processes with the best in Class Asset Tracking System.

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Police Departments Asset Tracking System

Police departments utilize ASAP Systems’ robust and complete Asset Tracking system because it effectively combines the use of barcode technology and mobile devices. The powerful system makes sure officers have the equipment they need, both out in the field and back in the station. Tracking anything from radio equipment to files at multiple locations in order to save your department time and maximize the use of a tight budget.

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Top Police Departments Asset Tracking Features

  • Police department asset depreciation tracking
  • Track assets’ Warranty end dates
  • Unlimited configurable Asset Tracking reports on important asset data
  • View Historical and recent transactions.
  • Attach pictures, documents, videos

Perfect Asset Management Across Police Departments

There is no room for error when it comes to public safety. Our Asset Tracking System provides the “My Assets” interface, which allows System administrators to authorize designated officers to easily reserve specific items for check out and request custody of assets. Additionally, officers through the same interface can request maintenance on non-working equipment and ensure that no other officer can remove or use the item until it has been repaired.

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Police Department Asset Tracking – Case Study

Read how ASAP Systems’ Asset Tracking System helps the Vancouver Police Department save time and money by helping them keep track of the movement and value of thousands of expensive assets, and substantially decrease the number of lost funds and equipment.

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