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Complete Navy Inventory System

The US Navy has a history of using our complete, barcode-based Inventory System to save time, improve inventory accuracy, reduce shortages and lost inventory. Our Navy Inventory System provides the flexibility to manage land-based, aircraft, and vessel inventory worldwide. Additionally, the System can effectively automate records, emulate Navy required documents and provide real-time data to the Navy chain of command to assist in determining operational/mission readiness.

Navy Inventory System Cycle

The system is designed for three types of users:

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High Ranking Administrators possess the power to configure the system to fit specific Navy needs and requirements.

High Ranking Administrators

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Authorized System users, typically Middle Ranking, are able to conduct inventory transactions that enhance the workflow of the naval base.

Authorized System Users

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Once approved, everyone in the Navy can own his/her own interface called the Inventory Shopping Cart to browse through available inventory and request needed items.

Siamens / All Sailors

Accurate Naval Inventory Tracking

Shipboard material inventories are divided into 5 categories, Reactor plant, Operating spaces, Repair parts, Consumables, and Maintenance Assistance Modules. Our Inventory System provides Naval bases continuous improvement of inventory accuracy by collecting and presenting the most meaningful information in the most efficient, timely manner possible.

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Top Navy Inventory Management Features

  • Track all Naval inventory received using Barcodes
  • Perform physical inventory and adjust accordingly
  • Receive Navy inventory to a default location or scanned location
  • Utilize Min – Max to ensure adequate on-hand levels
  • Provide global and local Naval stock levels
  • Generate unlimited Naval Inventory Reports

Discover how the Navy uses our Inventory system for accurate inventory replenishment.

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