Military Contractor Inventory Management System

Efficient and Accurate Inventory Management for all Military Contractors.

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Industry Leading Military Contractor Inventory Management System

Our top-rated Military Inventory System automatically tracks Military furnished property and contractually deliverable material. The Inventory System can manage serialized, batch-lot items, serialized with quantity and standard non-serialized items worldwide. The stock data is collected in the system’s secure database and can be shared with the military in real-time. Our Barcode Inventory System functionality provides documentation and record-keeping for military regulatory guidelines. CDRL/SDRL reporting can be automated to ensure on-time delivery of contract-required reporting. The robust Inventory System will provide data accuracy and save time to help to capture contract award fees and customer satisfaction.


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Features of our Military Contractor Inventory System

  • Track Military Contractor Inventory worldwide.
  • Easily Import Inventory Data.
  • Manage and maintain Supplier information.
  • Generate configurable Military Contractors Inventory Reports.
  • Utilize Inventory Min / Max to ensure adequate on-hand levels.
  • Provide global and local stock levels.

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