Asset Tracking for the Air Force

Find out how our barcode Asset Tracking System assists the Air Force with efficient asset management.

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Air Force Asset Tracking System

Our flexible Asset Tracking System can provide an Air Force base complete control over medical equipment, vehicles, documents, uniforms, tools, and more. Utilize our powerful system to keep track of item location, custodian, time of use, along with due dates for increased accountability and logistical efficiency.

Watch how our Asset Tracking Solution assisted the Air Force

Watch how our best in class Asset Tracking System helped Hickam Air Force Base track and monitor military equipment. After implementing an Asset Tracking System, tracking equipment becomes an automated process, saving time and money while consistently improving performance, and making sure equipment is calibrated and tracked at all times to prevent the risk of the misplaced property.

Proactively Tracking Air Force Assets

ASAP Systems’ Asset Tracking System has been successfully implemented by multiple Air Force bases to provide operational efficiencies across the supply chain. The powerful system enables the Air Force to Track asset lifecycles and provide global visibility for mobile assets, fixed assets, and aircraft. additionally, Airmen and Officers are able to proactively manage maintenance and ensure the accuracy of equipment upon deployment.

Top Air Force Asset Management Features

  • Track Air Force equipment by location using barcode
  • Schedule and perform asset maintenance on Air Force assets/equipment
  • Maintain Air Force assets cost records
  • Visualize analytical metrics and graphs on all Air Force Assets
  • locate Air Force assets on a geographical map
  • Configure Asset Data Fields to meet the Aire Force requirements.
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