Inventory System for the Coast Guards

Discover how our robust Inventory System assisted Coast Guards to maintain accurate inventory management.

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A Complete Inventory System for the Coast Guards

ASAP Systems’ served the military by providing the US Coast Guard with a complete, barcode-based Inventory System. The Coast Guard Inventory System can increase inventory accuracy, decrease deficiencies and lost inventory. In addition, the system provides a high level of configurability allowing the Coast Guard to configure data fields to match military terminologies.

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Features of our Coast Guards Inventory System

  • Inventory Barcode Tracking across multiple locations
  • Support random and dedicated Coast Guard Inventory put away
  • Automatic reordering of Coast Guard inventory
  • Receive Inventory to a default location or scanned location
  • Visualizing Inventory analytical graphs and charts
  • Generate Configurable Inventory Reports

Providing Accuracy and Efficiency

The Coast Guard Inventory System can relieve Coast Guard warehouse personnel from planning, expediting, forecasting, coordinating, analyzing, and reporting that involves Inventory management. The System provides accurate data and eliminates human error across all Coast Guards bases


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