Navy Asset Management System

Efficient and Accurate Asset Management across all Naval Bases.

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Industry Leading Naval Asset Management System

Discover how the Navy, streamlines their asset tracking processes with our best-in-class Barcode Asset Tracking System. Naval bases require efficient and accurate asset tracking for items received and shipped around the world. Our Navy Asset Tracking System enables users to securely assign equipment to specific locations, vehicles, and sailors. Our powerful barcode-based solutions make it the most complete and easy-to-use asset tracking system for the U.S. Navy.

Navy Asset Management System User Types

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For streamlined Navy-worthy asset management, Top Rank Command Personnel have the power to configure multiple system functions, create new users, and assign security levels for the middle-ranked personnel and other sailors.

Top Rank Command Personnel

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With the right security level from the top-rank personnel, can conduct transactions like receive, move, schedule, and perform maintenance, and many more asset management practices to run efficient naval bases.

Middle-Rank Personnel

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All designated users will process a separate interface to access the “My Assets” interface to request and manage his/her own navy-issued assets and equipment.

Seamen / All Users

Navy Equipment Tracking is Easier with our Navy Tracking System

Top Navy Asset Management Features:

  • Track whether navy assets are active or inactive.
  • Import Navy asset data using Google Drive, MS SkyDrive, Box, Dropbox.
  • Track US Navy assets and equipment by location using our Barcoding System.
  • Generate detailed reports on navy asset depreciation.
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