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A More Efficient Approach to Warehouse Operations.

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Our Top Warehouse Inventory Features

Our Warehouse Inventory System can help any organization in reducing labor costs, improving inventory accuracy, enhancing flexibility and responsiveness, eliminating errors in picking and shipping goods, and improving customer service. This Barcode-based System caters to multiple features, that facilitate and ameliorate processes and operations whether multiple warehouses or a single stockroom.

Modular Design

Explore the advanced modules that our Warehouse Inventory System provides, giving you the option to purchase only the modules that you need when you need them.

Offers Real-Time Monitoring

Admin users can keep track of current, on hand, inventory values and evaluate any transactions made throughout the day.

Mobile Computing

Users can perform transactions from our Mobile Application. This gives mobility and flexibility to ensure inventory is tracked correctly.

Records All Inventory Issued by Location

Users can access the Warehouse Inventory System’s Reporting Feature for all inventory issued per location.

Maintain Standard Inventory Cost

Track inventory cost as it fluctuates; eliminating the need of manual cost tracking.

Track All Inventory Received

Users can track the quantity, value, and history of all received inventory.

Single Warehouse or Multiple Warehouses

Our Warehouse Inventory Management System can be configured to support all sizes of warehouses, storage rooms, supply rooms, stockrooms...

Receive to a Default or Scanned Location

Users can receive items to a pre-set location for that SKU or users can scan a location during the receive transaction manually.

Receive Using Unit Of Measure Multiplier.

Users have the ability to configure a multiplier for an SKU which allows the system to multiply the entered quantity for easier receiving.

Receive Using Purchase Order (PO) or without (PO).

Users can issue and track items using a Purchase Order or without a Purchase Order if tracking is not needed.

Issue using Sales Order (SO) or Without (SO).

Users have the ability to issues items using a Sales Order for tracking orders or without a Sales Order if order tracking is not needed for the specified items.

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