Inventory System – Inventory Receive Feature

Our California based, Barcode Inventory System is for businesses of all sizes, such as Government Entities, Schools and Educational facilities, Fire-EMS Stations, Warehousing, Military Organizations, and much more… Hello and Thank you for your interest in our highly configurable and best in class Inventory System.

In this video, we will discuss Our Most Popular Inventory System Feature, the Inventory Receive Feature. Many companies, ranging in industry, receive Inventory on a daily basis and require an Inventory Receive Feature that is effective, flexible, and easy to use.

Our Inventory System’s Receive Feature enables companies to receive 4 types of Inventory:

Standard, Batch-Lot, Serialized and Serialized with Quantity.

Let’s take a closer look at examples of our 4 inventory types:

1)Standard Inventory: Schools can receive Standard Inventory such as packs of papers, boxes of pencils, boxes of printer ink, etc.

2) Batch/Lot Inventory: Healthcare Facilities can receive Batch-Lot Inventory including medications and medical supplies to efficiently track the Batch/Lot Expiration date.

3) Serial Inventory: IT Companies can receive Serial Inventory such as Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Smartphones, and other serialized technology-related items.

4) Serialized with Quantity Inventory: Companies in the Chemical Industry can receive Serialized with Quantity Inventory such as Chemical Drums.

Additionally, our Inventory Receive Feature enables users to receive Inventory to a pre-defined, Default Location. For example, in a lab, some elements are incompatible and become highly dangerous when stored together. Our Inventory System enables a laboratory to set default stocking locations for elements, ensuring harmful or incompatible chemicals are put into a specified location and away from others.

Furthermore, Receiving Inventory using multiple Units of Measure with a Multiplier specified by the organization. For example, an EMS Station received 10 boxes of Isolation Masks and each box contained 50 masks. Users would enter the number of boxes that are received and the system will automatically multiply the number of boxes by the amount of the item in the box. The masks can then be consumed/issued to be subtracted from inventory for usage. (The Inventory Issue Feature will be discussed in more in-depth in another video, stay tuned!)

Using the latest innovations and technologies, we aim to provide our customers with highly flexible and easy to use Features to cater to all their tracking requirements and needs. Stay tuned to our latest enhancements by having a more in-depth demonstration!


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