Inventory System – Enterprise License – Integrating data down to many standalone systems.

ASAP Systems, a California barcode-based Inventory System provider for businesses of all sizes, Government, Education, Fire-EMS Departments, Stockrooms, Military organizations, and much more.

“Hello and Thank you for your interest in our industry-leading and complete Inventory System. In this video, we will discuss the Enterprise License and how it can integrate data down to many standalone systems.

Designed from the ground up and using state of the art technologies, the Enterprise License offers the ability to easily create new Inventory related data at the Enterprise level, select the desired standalone systems to receive the data, and at a push of a button, the replicated data will immediately be available to the standalone systems.

Past practice involved manually creating new stock items, U/M, Customers, Vendors, and Categories, in each standalone system.  This effort was tedious and involved many long work hours due to its repetitive nature and was prone to an unacceptable volume of data inconsistencies and errors.  Now, an Enterprise user can create all new data, only once, and then share it, with a push of a button, with all or select standalone systems. 

Here’s an example of how easy it is to create and share within the Enterprise.  A set of six new vendors are introduced to an Enterprise that has 9 warehouses scattered throughout the country.  Those new vendors can supply multiple warehouses with two hundred new stock items. Historically, users would have to enter or import the vendor information, the unit of measure, the part numbers, and all the data related to those part numbers such as cost, manually at each warehouse’s standalone system.  With this license, one person at the Enterprise Level can create this new data, and with the press of a button, it will replicate at the same time, in all nine warehouses.  This replication process only takes a fraction of a second as opposed to replicating the process manually nine times.  

While maintaining ease-of-use and adaptability, we at ASAP Systems, thrive to routinely update and enhance our Inventory System to keep up with the latest trends, best practices, and most importantly, to cater to our customers’ expectations of excellence. 

Stay tuned for more videos detailing the cutting edge technology and benefits offered by ASAP Systems and its new Enterprise License.