Inventory System – Enterprise License – Reporting Features

ASAP Systems a California based Inventory System provider for businesses of all sizes, Government, Education, Fire-EMS Departments, Stockrooms, Military organizations, and much more.

“Hello and Thank you for your interest in our industry-leading and complete Inventory System. In this video, we will discuss the Enterprise License Reporting Feature and how it can answer deeper questions from combined data gathered from multiple standalone Inventory Systems.

Designed from the ground up and using state of the art technologies, the Enterprise Reporting feature offers the unique ability for an organization to generate reports such as Burn Rates, Available Inventory, Out of Stock Inventory, reports that, for example, suggest transferring inventory from one account to another, Inventory Overage Reports, and so much more.

Let’s explore how the Enterprise Level Reporting Feature works. A large Enterprise with 20 standalone systems, serving a combination of warehouses, stockroom, and distribution centers, can generate one consolidated Inventory Burn Rate Report for protective masks. Such reports can be formatted to give an overall sum of how many of these masks are consumed by a predefined date range.  Based on this historical data, the large enterprise can now produce forecasted projections that can help decision-makers determine if they should transfer these masks from one Warehouse to another, or from one distribution center to a stock room, or simply order new inventory.

While maintaining ease-of-use and adaptability, our Inventory Systems thrive to routinely update and enhance the user experience to keep up with the latest trends, best practices, and most importantly, to cater to our customers’ expectations of excellence. 

Stay tuned for more videos detailing the cutting edge technology and benefits offered by ASAP Systems and its new Enterprise License.

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