Import Inventory Data with Ease using Enterprise License

“Hello and Thank you for your interest in our industry-leading Barcode Inventory System. We are Full-Solution providers. In this video, we will introduce our latest addition, the Inventory Import Feature for Enterprise Users”.

This latest enhancement offers Enterprise Users, among many configuration options, the option to Import Data from an excel file to one or multiple standalone accounts in a chosen Site. 

When performing a Global Import of Inventory Data, high-level access Users are asked to follow these simple five steps: 

Step 1: Users are asked to select one of the following forms: Stock Item, Category, Customers, UOMs, Vendor, Addresses. Then, select one or multiple accounts to add the Data to, as well as the site to add the Data to for each selected standalone account

Step 2: Users are asked to select the desired Excel file containing the Inventory Data. After checking the preview of Inventory Data provided by the System, the User can proceed to the next step

Step 3: Super Admins are provided with added flexibility. They can Import new records to add to the Inventory Data they added in the second step. Then, Users will have to select the category fields on the System, based on the excel file fields to be able to proceed

Step 4: The System validates the Inventory Data added for Import. Admin Users can now add new Data, or edit existing Data. Then, the System provides them with the option to re-validate the Inventory Data

Step 5: Users will have to wait for the Data to be imported 

While maintaining ease-of-use and adaptability, we at ASAP Systems strive to routinely update and enhance our Inventory System to keep up with the latest trends, best practices, and most importantly, to cater to our customers’ expectations of excellence. 

Stay tuned for more videos detailing the cutting edge Inventory and Asset Tracking technologies and benefits offered by ASAP Systems.

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