Inventory System – Inventory Report Recorded History

“Hello and Thank you for your interest in our highly sought-after Inventory System. In this video, we will discuss our latest addition, the Historical Inventory Feature.

Our already complete Inventory System is now even better. This latest enhancement offers users the ability to travel back in time and answer questions like, “What were my inventory levels on that date?”  and “How does it compare to either today or some other date?”

The Historical Inventory Feature offers users the ability to select a date in history and access the recorded inventory level data from that specific date. 

For added convenience, inventory reports can easily be generated on Historical Inventory Data without limitations on how far back a user chooses to go.

Let’s take a closer look at how the Historical Inventory Feature works.

Using the Historical Inventory Feature, Jane, an Inventory System user, can access the recorded inventory data from October 12, 2020, and then generate an inventory report that includes all the inventory-related fields such as description, cost, location, quantity, and expiration date.  Any inventory data after October 12th will not be included in the report. Furthermore, users can choose to export the historical inventory report as a PDF file, print it or send it by email to any designated user. 

Jane can also compare the inventory data between two different dates. She can also hide or show the items with no variance in inventory.  

For example

October 12, 2020  shows :
Inventory ID: 52
Inventory Location : 63
Quantity : 56

October 22, 2020  shows :
Inventory ID: 52
Inventory Location : 63
Quantity : 16

The comparison shows a decrease in inventory by 40 units.

Being able to quickly compare inventory data can be beneficial to see inventory trends and allow for more strategic decision making. 

Never question past inventory data again because ASAP Systems brings the past back to the present!

Stay tuned for more videos detailing the cutting edge technology and benefits offered by ASAP Systems.