Introducing our Historical Inventory Feature for our Inventory System

“Hello and Thank you for your interest in our industry-leading Barcode Inventory Tracking System. We are a Full Barcode Tracking System provider. In this video, we will introduce our latest addition, the Historical Inventory Feature.

This latest enhancement offers Inventory System users, among many configuration options, the ability to view and compare Historical Inventory data and then generate relevant Inventory Reports.  When a user chooses to compare inventory levels between two dates, he or she will have the added option to “Hide No Variance Inventory” which will stop the variance between stock items from showing when it registers no difference between two dates.

Users can significantly enhance the speed of retrieving the archived data by adding this feature in the “Historical Inventory Settings”. Once enabled, the System will immediately retrieve daily Inventory data without any delays. 

Users can enable the “Historical Inventory Settings” by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Log into the account

Step 2: Go To “System Configuration” 

Step 3: Navigate to “Inventory” and Click on “Historical Inventory Settings”

Step 4: Enable “Historical Inventory Settings”

Note that the Inventory System will start saving Historical Data after one day of enabling this option. Choosing this option may result in an accelerated consumption of data storage.

While maintaining ease-of-use and adaptability, we strive to routinely update and enhance our Inventory System to keep up with the latest trends, best practices, and most importantly, to cater to our customers’ expectations of excellence. 

Stay tuned for more videos detailing the cutting edge Inventory and Asset Tracking technologies and benefits offered by our Systems.

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