Inventory System – Forecast Feature – System Reports

Our California barcode-based Inventory System is for businesses of all sizes, government, education, Fire-EMS Departments, Warehousing, Military installations and many more.


Hello and Thank you for your interest in our complete and best in class Barcode Inventory System. Today we will be discussing 8 new pre-built system reports for the Inventory Forecast Feature.


These reports are split between the two system forecasting methods: Straight Line with Factor and the Moving Average Method.

For the Moving Average Method, we added 6 reports filtered as follows:


  1. By a timeframe of 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months of forecasting
  2. Based on the previous 12 months history
  3. By either previously received inventory or issued inventory
  4. By select or all stock items
  5. By either all customers or all vendors with a 98% replenishment

As for the Straight line with Factor, we added 2 reports filtered and based on:


  1. Received inventory
  2. All stock items
  3. All customers
  4. Issued inventory
  5. All vendors
  6. A factor of 12 months worth of historical data
  7. Forecasted for the current year
  8. With a 98% replenishment.


In addition to these pre-built reports, our Inventory Forecast feature allows users to generate an unlimited number of configurable reports for future inventory fluctuation based on historical receiving or consumption data.


We constantly seek to update and enhance our features to accommodate our customer’s needs and requirements. Check out the rest of the forecasted pre-made reports by requesting a 1 on 1 demonstration now!

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