Batch/Lot Inventory Management for The Food Industry – Inventory System

In the food industry, it is imperative to implement proper and effective inventory management to ensure safe consumption of your products. This video will discuss how the food industry can use our industry leading Inventory System to help manage their perishable/nonperishable inventory items with expiration dates using batch/lot inventory management. as well as kit assembly. We will highlight:

  • The common struggles businesses within the industry might face
  • How those businesses can use our Barcode Inventory System features to solve these problems
  • An example of a culinary company who used our Inventory Management Software and how they found success with it.

00:00 – 00:15 Inventory Management System For Food Industry Introduction

00:15 – 00:14 How To Manage Raw Materials and Perishables with Our System

00:45 – 01:17 How Our Barcode Inventory System Can Help Any Culinary Company

01:17 – 01:42 How Our Inventory System Helped Nuovo Pasta

01:42 – 2:17 Learn More About Our Barcode Inventory System