Asset Tracking for IT Equipment & Furniture

Hello and welcome to ASAP Systems! We provide a Barcode-Based Inventory and Asset tracking solution fully configurable for any kind of organization.  Keep watching to find out how we helped out the Union Theological Seminary in New York with their Asset Tracking.

The Union Theological Seminary (UTS) located in Manhattan, New York recently renovated one of their dorm buildings, Hastings Hall. With this new building came all new furniture, IT equipment, and building mechanicals.  So UTS knew they needed a solid asset-tracking system that they could count on.  And also, UTS wanted a software that could be fully configurable and expandable for growth as needed, such as for other buildings on campus.

Before trying out our software, UTS considered tracking their assets by hand or on excel spreadsheets.  This would have led to countless errors and hours of frustration trying to locate their important equipment and other items on campus. Luckily our cloud-based software, Barcloud, came to the rescue and helped UTS save time and effort in the data collection and record retention process.

Take Union Theological Seminary for example and get ahead of your asset tracking with ASAP Systems, Barcloud.

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