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Perform detailed and accurate Physical Inventory Counts.

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Detailed Physical Inventory Counts

Our highly sought-after Inventory System offers users the ability to easily perform a Physical Inventory Count using the mobile app.  While performing the physical inventory count, users are able to perform the transaction live or offline, and then sync the inventory data, check the Inventory Variances, adjust inventory counts on the spot, and generate Physical Inventory Reports.

Performing a Physical Inventory Count

Performing the Physical Inventory Count is a two step process using both our mobile application, and web application.

  • Step 1: Collecting the Inventory Data using mobile devices
  • Step 2: Show Inventory Variance and Adjust using the web application
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What Makes us Best In Class

We built it for everyone and not just the System Users

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    Step 1: Collecting the Inventory Data

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    Users of our Inventory Mobile App, can perform the Inventory Physical Count with 3 simple steps:

    1. Scan the location barcode or Select it
    2. Scan the Inventory Item barcode or Select it
    3. Enter the Quantity

    Smart Scan

    For added convenience, users can perform the Inventory Cycle Count both live and offline. All data captured while working offline will automatically sync once users are back online. Users have the ability to toggle back and forth between live and online as necessary.

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    Step 2: Show Inventory Variance and Adjust

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    Once step 1 has been completed, users can easily check the Inventory variances between what was scanned on the mobile app, and compare it to the data shown in the system. Users are afforded the opportunity to accept the new scanned inventory data or make the necessary adjustments.

    Inventory Variance Results

    Checking the Physical Inventory Count variances consist of three easy steps.

    • Step 1: Select the Date Range
    • Step 2: Select the Location(s)
    • Step 3: Click the “Check All Variances” and be presented with what was counted, what should have been in that location, and the variance is between the two locations.
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    Easily Export Inventory Variance Results

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    Once all the inventory variances are shown, users have the ability to either clear all the results, print, export as PDF, or email the Inventory Physical Count results to any designated personnel.

    Adjust Inventory Counts on the Spot

    Our Inventory System, empowers users with the option to adjust the Inventory Levels seamlessly through the Physical Inventory Count Grid. Users can either leave the system-populated quantities or manually enter other entries. Once the “Process” button is clicked the current on hand values of each inventory line will be adjusted appropriately.

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    Generate Physical Inventory-Focused Reports

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    Designated users have the ability to generate two Physical Inventory-Focused Reports which shows important inventory cycle data: Physical Inventory – Count, Physical Inventory – Adjust

    Physical Inventory Accountability

    Our Inventory System enables users to have an extra level of accountability while performing the Physical Inventory Count. Using the Signature Capture designated users are required to e-sign to proceed with the inventory count.

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