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Automated Inventory Alerts

Our Inventory System sends out a configurable alert via SMS text and/or email to notify all selected personnel about important inventory-related processes. In addition, Inventory Alerts can be pre-configured to alert whenever inventory levels fall outside of optimum levels. Automated Inventory Alerts ensures effective communication throughout an organization.

Inventory Alerts Capabilities - Watch & Learn

Watch the overview of how to set up Inventory Tracking alert notifications, including the highly effective Inventory Low report. Inventory Alerts are highly effective in maintaining optimum inventory levels and avoiding overstock and understock scenarios.

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What Makes us Best In Class

We built it for everyone and not just the System Users

All Employee / Non System Users
View Only Users
Department Managers
Concurrent System Users
System Administrator
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Inventory Alerts Feature Advantages

Send out configurable Inventory Tracking alerts to multiple users and increase effective communication.

Input email or text alert content, including a subject line, intro, and body straight from the system configuration dashboard and select recipients.

Stay connected to multiple warehouses or stockroom locations and streamline inventory management workflow with emails and texts via phone.

Stay alerted with notifications appearing directly on the Alert Icon of the Dashboard.

Set Inventory Alerts for

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  • Inventory Too High
  • Inventory Too Low
  • Out of Stock Inventory
  • Expired Inventory
  • Received, Disposed or Moved Inventory

Stay Informed with Inventory System Alerts

Users can check the Alert Icon on the top right of the screen, on the inventory dashboard. Flexibility is a top priority and our Inventory System enables users to save time while browsing. System Alerts and General Alerts are the two features that the icon enables. The first one shows the Alert Settings. The general Alert shows contract expiration, warranty ending reminder. The user has the choice to accept it or decline the notification.

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